Here is a list of the episodes of Crucible of Realms with brief descriptions and links.

Episode 1: Aegis - For our first outing we create a fantasy world ruled by the element Air.

Episode 2: The EarthTech Trials - We create a dystopian near-future in which corporations are like countries.

Episode 3: Aurelia - We build a distant ice world full of penitent aliens.

Episode 4: The Scablands - We visit the 1840s and combine a supernatural conflict with the Oregon Boundary Dispute.

Episode 5: The Civil Engagement - We create a Steampunk Superheroes setting against a backdrop of the Civil War.

Episode 6: Utopia Horizon - We create a deep space setting in which post-Singularity Utopians try to bring their good fortune to other races.

Episode 7: Neptune's Reich

Episode 8: The Realms of Bennu

Episode 9: Outlandia

Episode 10: The Ashes of Albion

Episode 11: Hell Noir

Episode 12: Acondus Spiral

Episode 13: Kiklos

Episode 14: Perdition's Hold

Episode 15: The Midgard Precedent

Episode 16: The Arcane Impurity

Episode 17: GLADIUS Sanction

Episode 18: Accord