Here is the list of settings we've created. Feel free to use them for any purpose you like - you can put them in a story, in a role-playing game or in anything else you like. You can even sell it if you want. Just remember to attribute Crucible of Realms ( when you do!

Accord: a human colony caught between the lands of the elves, the dwarves and the orcs
Acondus Spiral: a federation of worlds in deep space besieged by threats from all sides
Aegis: a fantastical world of air inhabited by flying creatures
Aurelia: a distant ice world with deep caverns that serve as homes to theocratic aliens
Hell Noir: a world with demonic inhabitants living lives reminiscent of pulp detective novels
GLADIUS Sanction: an Earth in which agents of the secret organization GLADIUS
take on the sinister forces of SPIRE
Kiklos: an artificial, hollow world inside which different races compete for resources
Neptune's Reich: an alternate WWII setting in which world powers rush to find the greatest arcane resources
Outlandia: a fantasy/sci-fi crossover setting in which the technological humans encounter fantastic races in deep space
Perdition's Hold: a fantasy penal colony in which the most diabolical magic-users are kept
The Arcane Impurity: a crossover setting in which aliens have come to a fantasy world to reap its resources
The Ashes of Albion: a post-apocalyptic setting in which both heroes of Camelot and Egyptian gods are returning
The Civil Engagement: a Civil War-era America with superheroes and steampunk technology
The EarthTech Trials: a dystopian future in which people ally themselves with corporations
The Midgard Precedent: a sci-fi setting in which Earth's aging space fleet must fight its replacements to survive
The Realms of Bennu: a fantasy world in which the land of the living is inextricably intertwined with the land of the dead
The Scablands: a horrific version of the 1840's Oregon Country terrorized by elemental demons
Utopia Horizon: a far future in which spacefaring Utopians try to convert other species to their way of life